Welcome to the homesite of Warriors on the Periphery!

This is a research project, dedicated to the study of early weaponry and armour from sites of modern-day Eastern Macedonia and coastal Thrace. Its purpose is to serve as a case study for the development of martial technology beyond the ‘core’ ancient Greek world – and to move a step beyond that, by exploring the social importance and function of weaponry within the context of the new Greek poleis which were founded in the region during the early Archaic period.

Follow the project’s Blog for regular progress reports, including discussion of the research topics, background information on the region, accounts of research trips, pre-publication sneak-peeks of our material and more!

Warriors on the Periphery is a project hosted by the Centre de Recherches en Archéologie et Patrimoine of the Université libre de Bruxelles. Funding is kindly provided by the Philippe Wiener – Maurice Anspach Foundation


2018-2019: A retrospective of the end of 2018 and future plans

As the year changes, we return to our blog with an overview of our recent work. The past months have been particularly hectic, with finalising our first major publication, the preparation of new presentations, the chemical analysis of finds and laying the groundwork of a new museum exhibit focusing on our recent research. For now, …

Conference participation: Eleutheroupolis!

On the 19th of October (19:15-19:30 Athens time), we will be participating in the 2nd Conference of Local History, hosted by the Municipality of Mt. Pangaion. The conference aims to promote the dissemination of scientific reasearch relating to the region to the local community. Our presentation will be titled: “Metallurgy, Religion and War: an Argive …

From Forge to Pixel: Photogrammetry and the Metal Blade Challenge (a blog supplement)

Shape from Light! As part of our project, we are attempting the photogrammetric rendering of arms from our studied sites. Currently, we are working on the 3d reconstruction of spearheads and swords from Tragilos (Aidonochori) as well as weapons from the sanctuary of Oisyme. –Simplified model of a shield-band fragment from Oisyme. Photogrammetry is a …